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Welcome to CODED.

Welcome to CODED – your gateway to the dynamic and ever-evolving universe of technology and digital innovation. My name is Anees Dadabhay, a South African software engineer, and I’m thrilled to serve as your chief navigator through this intriguing digital journey.

CODED is not your average tech blog – it’s a mission to provide unique and authentic perspectives on developments in the tech and digital landscape. Every viewpoint and commentary will be genuine, sincere and truly mine.

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”

Godfrey Reggio

The trajectory of technology is both exhilarating and relentless. The dawn of the digital era has catalysed a wave of innovations at an extraordinary velocity, unfolding realms of possibilities that, until recently, appeared to be mere whims of our imagination. While the thrill of this rapid progression is undeniable, it doesn’t come without its complexities and obligations.

As we zoom into this digital future, we confront many challenging questions about ethics, responsibilities, and privacy. As technology’s footprint expands within our lives, navigating these issues with a discerning eye and a well-informed mind becomes more vital than ever. Here, these pressing topics won’t simply be discussed; they will be dissected and deliberated. Through robust dialogue and examination, we aim to delve beneath the surface, identifying the potential of technology and its responsibilities.

My enthusiasm for the world of tech is boundless. Through CODED, I seek to share this passion and my commitment to understanding and appreciating the nuances and intricacies this field presents. Together, we’ll chart the thrilling peaks and navigate the challenging valleys of this digital landscape.

Also, CODED will occasionally feature compelling content from guest authors to enrich our discourse. These esteemed contributors will provide their fascinating takes on topics we explore, broadening the horizons of our shared understanding.

These collective insights will be compiled into a forever-free monthly newsletter – a curated amalgamation of experiences and insights from my journey as a software engineer, developer, designer, and entrepreneur. With a vibrant community of over 10,000 active subscribers, I’m confident that if technology piques your curiosity, you’ll find wisdom and companionship here at CODED.

At its core, CODED aspires to be more than informative – it aims to be engaging, insightful and a daring challenger of the status quo.

As we embark on this exploration, remember that technology’s true worth isn’t merely found in its transformative power over our lives but in our capacity to flexibly adapt, continually learn, and progressively evolve harmoniously. Let’s embrace the future together, equipped with knowledge, understanding, and a shared enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

I look forward to learning alongside you, engaging with you, and growing together on this remarkable journey.

Thank you for joining us. Welcome to the CODED community.

Anees Dadabhay
Anees Dadabhay
Anees Dadabhay is a prolific software engineer and entrepreneur hailing from South Africa. With over a decade of distinguished experience in programming and development, Anees has masterfully integrated his technical prowess with his knack for strategic marketing to deliver impactful solutions. His enduring dedication to his craft is reflected in the trail of successful companies and exceptional business acumen. His entrepreneurial journey serves as a compelling narrative of innovation and resilience, inspiring the tech industry at large.

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